Colchester Hospital resus trolley's rolling replacement programme

You may see resuscitation officer Emma Thomson wheeling some brand-new, resuscitation trolleys around the hospitals. If you do, it’s because she is replacing the Trust’s adult resuscitation trolleys to improve patient safety on the wards.

Emma said: There were many different types of trolleys in use. Some were 20 years old and none were standardised. The bespoke trolleys that we required were manufactured to the exact specification that we wanted.

So the trust has bought 57 trolleys from Medisco Medical Systems for use at the Trust’s two main hospitals as well as those at Halstead, Harwich and Clacton.”

Having standardised trolleys means that staff do not have to work out where everything is. The trolley drawers can be sealed with a yellow security seal reducing the number of times they need to be checked, saving staff time. While the top side and seal number are still checked daily, the sealed drawers only need to be checked monthly, or when the seal is broken.

New resuscitation folders are being rolled out too, containing a revised list of the equipment and drugs required on the trolleys.

Having purchased all new adult resucitation trolleys for the Trust I would Like to say how impressed I have been with the service  I have received from Medisco medical Systems.

The trolleys all arrived on time, even with a tight schedule and delivery date requested by the Trust. They have been well received into the hospital by the staff on the wards.

It certainly makes my job easier dealing with a reliable company.

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